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Whoever referred you must realize you are ready for a change, ready for more, or ready for something even better.
It’s time!
If you’re truly ready and honestly willing to do the work to get what you want,
you are in the right place and I’m the right person.


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"She pulls no punches and asks the tough questions."

"I still ask myself, "What would Nicoa say?" I think everyone should have a NICOA!"

"Nicoa helped me learn more about myself. I think everyone needs a coach."

"Nicoa helped me find my voice...and feel okay being myself."

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I am Migraine free after 35 years from doing RTT work with Nicoa. I highly recommend Nicoa’s Work As It Has Completely Changed My Life. In All Honesty, I Cannot Express How Much Better I Feel As I Am Able To Work, Play Tennis, Travel And Enjoy My Family Every Day Now. I Recommend Nicoa And RTT All The Time To Family And Friends And Even Strangers I Talk To.

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You’re here because someone referred you.
I’m here to help.

I’m a seasoned guide with 20+ years as a Human Resources Executive with General Electric, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Allscripts. I have excelled as a certified coach through the Newfield Network and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching all while proudly co-parenting three, and now six kids! Over the years, I’ve consulted 100s of business leaders and top executives from Fortune 100 companies across the globe, shaping more effective, satisfied leaders through the seven levels of energy, revealing a new awareness of self.

I help leaders help themselves live the lives they desire.

Life by design



Coaching with me is different. I apply my foundational, proven Life By Design; Lead By Design strategies to help clients transform their lives for the better. Because I have 20+ years of global corporate HR experience and entrepreneurial start-up experience my background provides a solid “been there, done that” foundation.  And I understand the dynamics of working with a family at home which brings with it struggles and opportunities impacting working parent careers. I’m the perfect, dedicated confidante, coach, and HR business partner for you and your leaders. See below summaries of the powerful tools I use in partnership with each client to help them help themselves. Coaching with me takes open-mindedness and willingness and these tools expedite your results as a common language between us. You will be transformed without question in a partnership with me.

As a dedicated executive coach with proven results for the last 13 years, I prioritize my time to one-on-one partnerships at the Director and C-suite executive level by referral only.

Partner with Nicoa

Energy Leadership

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Rapid Transformational Therapy®

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Ontological Coaching

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Certified Science

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If you're not getting what you want in life, are you willing to try a different way?

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